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Nimey Eretz is a leading Israeli company specializing in sustainable water management and drainage solutions, with a wealth of experience in successfully executing large-scale projects.

What we do

We prioritize dependable service, quality, timely delivery, and adherence to budget constraints


Helping create regulatory documents for runoff and hydrology management, flood prevention building permits, and nature-based solutions.


Planning flood-risk drainage solutions combined with ecological approaches in interdisciplinary teams to develop integrated and multi-benefit solutions.


Supervision and control of the execution of the projects with an emphasis on the highest quality, adjustments to schedules, and budgeting.

our projects

Water Sensitive City Strategy Implementation - Co-funded by the EU and Ramat Gan municipality

Year of implementation: 2022- today

Nimey Eretz leads an international multidisciplinary team to develop, plan and execute an innovative infrastructure to mitigate floods, purify runoff water, and rehabilitate the local aquifer. This project is located adjacent to Wadi Kofer - a river that flows in a decent urban area in the center of Israel.

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Planning urban drainage lines in flood-prone areas, including public buildings, schools, and kindergartens in several cities in the Tel Aviv metropolitan.

Year of implementation: 2018- today

Nimey Eretz was chosen as the leading team for examining and planning a wide range of different solutions for the smart planning of urban drainage lines (including rivers) in public building areas to reduce loads and prevent floods and preserve natural ecosystems.

An inter-city project to deal with flooding in Ness Ziona and Beer Ya'akov

Year of implementation: 2022- today

An innovative infrastructure to prevent flooding outside the city's territory, which includes a reservoir with flood barriers and means of regulating and delaying runoff to protect the city of Nes Ziona, which suffers from floods that pose a risk to human life.

The two cities chose the Nimi Eretz company which led the development of an innovative solution that will not only solve the challenge the cities face but will also bring about significant economic efficiency. Planning includes a large-scale reservoir of 253,000 cubic meters.

Yarkon Drainage Authority - Determining policy, reviewing plans and granting regulatory approvals in the densest and most complex drainage basin in Israel

Year of implementation: 2020- 2022

Formulation of the drainage policy in the Yarkon and Ayalon drainage basin in an area of approximately 800 square kilometers, the concentration of information for developers, the preparation of the authority's position for the committees starting from the information stage, through the examination of the annexes for runoff management and flood prevention, instructions for planners, solutions on the ground, examination and adjustment to the authority's master plan, to the plan National outline and coordination with other authorities.

In addition, responsibility for granting approvals for all of the aboveĀ 

National-level strategic facility -[confidential]

Year of implementation: 2022-today

Using an advanced sensor system to collect information in real-time and creating a system of closures to protect the facility from flooding.
Nimey Eretz leads the team of planners, including a technology company that develops the sensing and remote control system interface.

Advice to the planning committee in Or Yehuda and Rishon Letzion

Year of implementation: 2021- today

The professional team leading the city development planning chose Nimey Eretz to accompany and advise the committee on aspects related to runoff management, flood prevention, environment, and hydrology, including guidance for planners working in the urban space and the development of new neighborhoods.

Advanced master plan for urban drainage in the city of Holon, Israel

Year of implementation: 2019-2020

An advanced master plan to cope with climate change, urban development, urban renewal, and significant improvement in readiness for flood events while mitigating the city against rare flooding scenarios (once in a century).

The program includes tools for economic calculations that form the basis for creating a municipal bylaw for the collection of fees in accordance with the development expenses of this program.

The plan was accepted by the municipality, presented at professional conferences, and serves as an example for other cities.

A pumping station in the city of Holon

Year of implementation: 2018-2019

The project's goal is zero flooding per year - the pumping station, carefully planned while optimizing resources, allowed the city to defend itself against several floods per year that befell it every year.

Also, the pumping station saved compensation costs for damages and structural danger to the buildings. After many unsuccessful attempts by the municipality, the Nimey Eretz company was chosen, which led the team that found the best solution and, after its implementation, was crowned with great success.

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